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Continuing Education

Some aspects to consider when selecting continuing education courses

  1. Carefully read the course description and the course objectives.  Do the objectives list things you want to know or be able to do when you've completed the course?  Does the description sound like it is at the right level for your educational needs (not too easy nor too hard)?
  2. Consider the levels of evidence used and covered throughout the course.  Are the course instructors supplying a current reference list? Do the references cited cover a variety of research levels from randomized controlled trials to case report to quasi-experiemental works? Is there an excessive use of expert opinion?
  3. For conferences, know the peer-review process for sessions.  Was this program reviewed or vetted by anyone, and if so, what group? 
  4. Understand your license requirements for CEUs before attending.  Many national conferences and courses will have attendees from many states, but what do you need to do or know to get your CEUs? Do not expect the conference  or program organizers to understand your licensure requirements, that's your job.
  5. Verify the CEU details up front.  Is the course approved by a provider recognized and approved in your jurisdiction? When will you get proof of CEUs? 
  6. Respect the registration deadlines.  Courses may be cancelled for under-registration, or may not be able to accomodate late registration requests.  Remember, for many conferences you will get a discount for early registration!
  7. Ask your tax professional what portions of continuing education may be deductible.  Depending on your situation and tax status, you may be able to deduct some or all of the expenses associated with continuing education. 
  8. Check out this complete checklist for evaluating continuing education from APTA.
Maximizing Con Ed
Questions about CEUs?

Each state has different CEU requirements, and you are responsible to know and understand the requirements applicable to you based on your licensure.  Access your state board of physical therapy to learn more about CEU requirements in your state, a full listing is available here.

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