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Residency or Fellowship, What's the Difference?

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How the Acute Care Section Can Help?

The Acute Care Section Board of Director's has deemed educating and supporting the growth of residency and fellowship programs in acute care physical therapy as one of their Strategic Goals.  In an effort to meet this goal, we are happy to provide you with the following information:

The APTA periodically runs courses specific to designing and implementing a residency/fellowship program for facilities and/or developing programs.  Taught by instructors and directors of current residency/fellowship programs, these courses may be valuable during both the planning and credentialing processes.

We also believe in supporting developing acute care residency and fellowship programs as they apply for credentialing through APTA.  We are currently have budgeted for a grant for developing residency/fellowship programs in acute care to fund the cost of the credentialing application process.  Please contact the office concerning financial support that may be available from the Acute Care Section.

APTA Residency & Fellowship Information 

Please visit APTA's Residency and Fellowship web page for a complete listing of resources, applications, and details for both those interested in finding and applying to a residency or fellowship program or facilities interested in developing a residency or fellowship program.

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